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Do I need to have paddling experience before I can join Kyle Kayak Club?

No, we do lots of training with individuals before they tend to go out in the river \ sea.

What is your relationship with the Citadel Lesuire Centre?

Whilst the Club operates out of the Citadel Lesuire Centre it is a completely separate and independent entity to the Centre.  

Are there additional costs to pay?

If you’re a Member additional costs will only be incurred if you attend training courses and pool sessions.

Do I have to be a member to come on a Club organised trip?

Yes.  Membership ensures that you and the Club are covered in respect to third party liability.

Does the Club do other types of paddling?

Yes many of our members do whitewater, sea, canoeing and surf, etc. 

When are the pool sessions?

The pool sessions tend to run from until the end of March just in time for the river course starting. They are at the Citadel Leisure Centre, Sunday nights 6 -7:30pm.

Can anyone attend the pool sessions?

Yes, anyone is more than welcome to attend and see what the sport is all about.

Can I store my personal kayak at the facility?

Yes but space is limited, so please email bosun@kylekayakclub.co.uk for further details.

Are boats and equipment available to hire to the general public or for corporate events?

No.  We do not generally hire boats or paddling equipment for ad-hoc usage; this is only available to members of the Club.

I’ve never kayaked before but would like to give it a go, can I come along?

Of course come along to one of our pool sessions at the Citadel Leisure Centre. When you arrive tell one of these friendly faces that you are new and we will get you started and teach you all the basics.

I’m not sure if kayaking is for me, can I try before I join the club?

Of course, we hope that you will enjoy the kayaking, the club, the company, and the socials. However in case kayaking really isn’t for you, everyone is welcome to come to a couple of pool sessions to try it out before they become members.

When should I buy my own kit, and where from?

The club is primarily here to support and help new kayakers get into the sport, for that reason we have a range of kit to help beginners as they start out in the sport. However we also encourage members to buy their own kit both in-order to get the kit best suited to them, and to free up club kit for newer members.If you are considering buying your own kit have a look at our kit guide.

How do I join the club

To join the club, all you need to do is click on the join link which will direct you to PayPal

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